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A guide for renting a car

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Lamar Car Rental Service

Lamar Car Rental

Lamar Car Rental provides quality rental vehicle in Paris.

Lamar Car Rental Service :

How To Rent From Lamar Car Rental:

Lamar car rental service provides  best rental cars and trucks in the town. We provide quality rental vehicles. You can easily rent cars and trucks from us. There are two ways, You can use visit our office to rent, You can also rent it through our website. You can book your rental easily with three steps:

  1. Visit our booking form
  2. Select your rental vehicle with location and time
  3. After selecting the rental vehicle you can send the booking request to us.
  4. Lamar Car Rental will reply to your booking request and contact you as soon as possible.


Booking Steps:


First, Contact Lamar Car Rental Service via Text or Contact us below for reservation inquiries. Phone: 903 491 8323


Second, provide your Drivers License & Full Coverage Insurance. We believe in building long- term relationships. In order to make a good fit for your. You can compare our rates with others.


After getting approved you will pay for your needed days and pick-up your vehicle.

Book Now: How To Book From Lamar Car Rental Service


Lamar County Car and Truck Rental LLC understands that times are dire and health is very important. From the beginning, our focus has been and remains on the health and safety of our renters and employees. To prevent any person to person contact, we are excited to announce our contactless pick-up/drop-off system.


We are able to cut cost for rentals by providing safe and easy pick-up and drop-off locations eliminating office overhead and those expensive fees that come with it.

What Clients Say About Lamar Car Rental?

“This was our first time renting from Lamar County Car and Truck Rental LLC and we were very pleased with the whole experience. As a result of their services I’ll use them because of their service and rates. Our rental experience was good from start to finish, so we’ll be back in the future”

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Insiders Choose Favorite Rental Cars

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