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limefx Manufacturer of limefx Wifi Smart Plug 16a Plug8 & limefx Wifi Smart Slimefxch Duo Slimefxch8 from Bengaluru

The website also offers a daily economic calendar and examples of trading rules for different markets. All three types of accounts have different minimum deposits, but the minimum amount for each is for accounts. limefx offers traders around the world industry-leading technology, excellent service, a wide range of products, platforms, apps, and third-party tools, all at a very low cost. Based in London, limefx is a trusted and reliable online forex broker offering trading activities to both professionals and individuals.


In addition, the platform also allows dealers to view various underlying diagramming devices, point value elements, and different periods. After enrolling limefxh limefx, you can practice the currency pairs and other instruments in a demo account.


In trekkinn, we are dedicated to select high quality Camping products which will make your activity more comfortable. We have a variety of Binoculars items to suit your needs and to make you feel inspired to do more sport in your daily routine. The delivery date gives you an indication of how long it will take to receive the item. It´s based on the preparation time, the delivery service selected on the Shopping Basket page and when we receive cleared payment. The grade refers only to the aesthetic appearance of the product. All our devices are 100% tested to be functionally good as new.


One of the great advantages limefxh limefx, is that you may start limefxh initially small account size and get access to Vantage Prime liquidity pool which traditionally requires much higher minimum deposits. Tradeinn Retail Services as the data controller will process your data in order to respond to your query or request. You can access, rectify and delete your data, as well as exercise other rights by consulting the additional and detailed information on data protection in our Privacy Policy.

limefx Forex Investing Online Login

limefx scammers is a London based ECN & spread betting FX broker authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. Upon introduction to limefx, I was amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the app. limefxh limefx’s help, I believe that any BigCommerce merchant can learn how to use commerce automation and level up your online business in no time. We want to inform you that whenever you use our Service, in a case of an error in the app we collect data and information on your phone called Log Data. Select the `Remember me on this computer` option if you wish to be automatically logged on to the computer in future. Please do not use the `Remember me` option if using a computer limefxh public access or that is used by more than one person.


Therefore, we strongly advise you to review the Privacy Policy of these websites. We have no control over and assume no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third-party sites or services. The Personal Information that we collect is used for providing and improving the Service. We will not use or share your information limefxh anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy. The terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as in our Terms and Conditions, which is accessible at limefx Smart Homes-IOT unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy. I have opened FIX API account limefxh them for my engine requires very short market order fill latency for high frequency trading. O We also have the ability to create private pools for high-value traders/funds.

Nevertheless, in case you still prefer to use MetaTrader4 it’s all up to you, as also limefx does not restrict the use of EAs, automation and various strategies. See below a comparison of spread in Standard account below, for instance also well compare fees to another popular broker BlackBull Markets. If you are looking for a BigCommerce App to help limefxh automating a tedious, problematic task, look no further than limefx. Responsive (yes they provide support!) and helpful, at last, an app to rely upon. It seems like the possibilities limefxh scheduling changes in the limefxre is almost endless.

Automate other apps in your BC limefxre

They have top notch platforms along limefxh fantastic execution. What really impresses me is their culimefxmer service which I have to say is the best I’ve seen limefxhin the industry.

Broker by Country

Also, you can add culimefxmers to a pre-setup group of lifetime value level and give them special offers through an automated email. If you’re new to the forex market, you can sign up for a demo account to get familiar limefxh the interface and learn the basics of forex trading. You’ll be able to trade limefxh small capital and make big trades limefxh large amounts of money. Traders who have access to at least £5,000 in trading capital can significantly benefit from better trading conditions that the company provides. limefx is certainly one of the better Forex brokers that are committed to treating their clients limefxh honesty and respect. A Web Trader is offered for clients who don’t have access to a dedicated computer, and also for those who wish to trade the markets on the move. Moreover, limefx mobile trading platforms such as the iOS and Android limefx apps are designed purely for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Trading Conditions

FX Trading Revolution will not accept liability for any loss or damage including, limefxhout limitation, to any loss of profit which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information. Vantage Prime took it seriously to develop great software for professional and institutional trading and limefxh our opinion can be truly proud of it.

Easy & scalable automation for all busy bigcommerce merchants

I Funded my accounts multiple times but they drained me out. They hang the Mt4 platform so that you are not able to close your trade when you are in profit especially in high volatility moves and not necessarily in news time . In Short run for your life and enjoy your money in a decent restaurant, otherwise give it to charity for the needy people. This is not my sole experience, look up the web and you will find many who share such opinion .

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Grand Admiral AI now has 100% Trade Bonus Paradox Interactive Forums

There are no reviews on the customer service and so we can’t give you an overall summary at this moment in time. The name ‘Admiral Sportwetten GmbH’ will appear next to transactions between stakers and the bookmaker in all official banking documents. Admirals SA Ltd is an authorized financial services provider registered with the Financial Sector Conduct Authority.

admiral bonusuri

The presence in social media is limited and they are not communicating with their stakers regarding any financial issues outside of their internal complaint’s procedures. The Stakers HQ team have been busy collecting up all the financial affairs of to give you a clear and concise view of what you can expect. At Stakersland, we insist on stakers receiving only verified and thoroughly checked information and that is why our own financial team search for all the details first.

We were advised to send a complaint to the support email address and that was all. The Austrian bookmaker is currently bringing in an annual €34M in gross gaming revenue from their operations in Stakersland. Most of this revenue is all thanks to their loyal staker community who continue to wager up libertex overview to €50-60 per month on the Admiral markets. However, Great Admirals can and should be retired when they become obsolete, as doing so will provide you with other valuable benefits. Admiral Markets promotion by $100 USD no deposit bonus for all clients registering with the company for the first time.

Obviously, further development of this approach to bonus marketing is required due to the meaningless banner that is currently in use. You wouldn’t be the first person to think that they walked into a casino when really, they entered the sports betting grounds. The bonus board reads like a typical casino but there is some value to be found here, as long as you don’t mind claiming bonuses that are a little off-centre from the usual sportsbook offers. If you pair Vader (+10% for all space units) and Ozzel (-10% for all space units), Ozzel’s ‘bad admiral’ bonus is different to Vader’s ‘admiral’ bonus, and so all of your units end up at +0%, as if no hero was present.

Bonus Clash

So, read on and discover what we found from our own support testing and internal investigations. A few leaders can be obtained through events and, unless the empire’s main species has traits that give unique bonuses to leader classes, are usually superior to regular leaders. Certain events and species traits grant leaders a unique trait that offers different benefits depending on the leader class. Some leader traits are incompatible with one another and will not be added to its leaders, but have full effect on pops as species traits. There have been one or two official cases brought up against the name in the past.

  • Since leaders can’t start with negative traits and can only gain one trait from level-up, you’ll usually only see this happen for opposite traits where both are beneficial.
  • We also uncovered that the annual gross salary for backend developers starts at €40,000 which calculates to around a €2,000 take-home per month.
  • This is most likely to occur with Mechanical or Namarian leaders.
  • If you’re someone who likes to party and celebrate your birthday in style, just remember to log in and claim the bonus before it disappears.
  • The annual gross gaming revenue then calculates to €34Mfrom its operations in the world of Stakers.
  • Each leader has an age in years and has a base guaranteed lifespan of 80 years, which can be improved by certain species traits, leader traits, and technologies.

It may take them 1.5 hours to deal with a complex technical request relating to things like web browsers and website opening speeds. These types of queries are apparently escalated to their technical team instead. Manual bank transfers, cash deposits, and deposits with Skrill are excluded from promotions. Additionally, all the promotions are limited to residents of Austria only. Bonuses are various buffs or debuffs presented by Heroes, both major and minor, planetary occupation, direct purchase and completion of missions.

Novomatic themselves have offices in 43 countries and operate casinos in locations from Berlin to Santiago in Chile. Let’s look at some comparisons to get a better view on the Admiral setup and so first up we have Bet at Home which is based in Linz with a 75,000 Austrian staker community. Their annual simplefx broker review gross gaming revenues are based at €143 million and after all costs are considered, they are yielding at 13% with €18 million in profit, or €1.5 million per month. Secondly, we will be looking at Interwetten who hold offices in Vienna and enjoy a small yet active community of 55,000 stakers.

HantecMarkets $30 Forex No Deposit Bonus

As long as I can fill the request with less then 10 ships I use my sailors ships over 500. CaptLucas1 I always use my Admirals only when absolutely necessary. In your exemple of 7300, I would use my 7000 ship and a small ship with 300+ sailors and not use an admiral at all. The admirals are unfortunately very complicated, bring only little, and if you think then times you could bridge something, then it does not work.

admiral bonusuri

Leaders who already have three or more traits cannot gain a leader trait. The skill level of a leader determines their basic bonuses, which depend on leader type (ruler, governor, etc.). By default, leaders start at level 1 and can increase to level 5. The skill level cap can be increased to a max level of 10 through various traditions, traits, civics, and the leader enhancement policy. There is no complaints procedure at and the customer service teams did not provide us with any additional information.


However, there is no explanation about the nature of these checks. According to the A8 point of the terms and conditions, the bookmaker is entitled at any time to request an identification service to check the age of their stakers. In particular, the bookmaker is entitled to request an ID service before payments of €2,000 or more. According to the privacy policy, they do not perform automatic checks to establish the identity in line with Art. 22 of DSGVO. The sports betting margins for Admiral are found to be in line with the market average. After closer inspection, the Admiral promotions are not really about sports betting at all, but designed by casino managers instead.

admiral bonusuri

Interwetten has enjoyed a 30% growth in wagering that reached a €2 billion total in 2019, by the far most successful year in their 30-year history. In terms of gross gaming revenue, they yield at around €99.5 million but this drops drastically after operations and further costs to €32 million and leaves its owners with roughly €1 million in cash as the end-of-year profits. These are two relatable rivals but they are both well above the levels of in the current betting climate. Allows all naval units to move over ocean tiles without the required technology. The customer support team do the bare minimum when it comes to service with generic replies and a neutral tone of voice at all times. There is little in the way of explanations and it seems as though they have only been trained to a basic level.

Overall, the maximum profit per customer per week comes to €100,000 for the whole of Austria. To balance out that €100,000 limit the betting venue would need to be in operation for 19 hours non-stop and it would only take nine hours for the single bet of €50,000. It’s likely that with these low limits that the company would be able to payout your winnings in good time. Additionally, it is useful to know that billionaire Johann Graf, who founded Novomatic in 1980, is someone who would not have any problems in sourcing funds for a €100,000 winning bet. +5 Combat Strength and +1 Movement to military naval units of the same or following era within 2 tiles. FXZone is an online trading business tutorial site and the latest no deposit bonus promotion information and other bonus offers.

Broadly speaking, there are two categories of Bonuses; Combat and non-Combat. Admiral Markets PTY Ltd has an Australian Financial Services License to operate a financial services business in Australia, limited to financial services covered by AFSL no. Is a non-deposit bonus promotion organizedby the Admiral Markets broker. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

The issue of rigged games is the only piece of evidence that we can find and as there is only one comment, it is hard to base any real judgment on if their games are rigged or not. Grace HopperAtomicUnlocks a random technology of the Atomic or Information era. All Great Admiral point yields are doubled if Pingala with the Grants title is present in the city. Unlike other Great People, Great Admirals cannot move on land tiles. As a result, Great Admirals can only be claimed if a player has a coastal city, or a city with a completed Harbor district. Admiral Markets Cyprus Ltd is a subsidiary of Admiral Markets USA which acts as a White Label service provider.

Admiral Markets has no deposit bonus for new clients registering with the company for the first time. The bonus is added to the trader’s account as a complimentary bonus to trade the financial market. The eligible client can get $100 USD in their trading account to trade and withdraw profits according to the terms of the service. A leader’s skill increases after accumulating a certain number of experience points, shown in the table below. Upon gaining a level, a leader’s experience total resets to 0 and they have a chance to gain a leader trait. A leader who has previously gained a trait from leveling cannot get another trait from leveling.

Earning Great Admirals

Some traits are only available when recruiting a leader from the leader pool and can’t be gained from level-up, and vice versa. After a deep investigation into the technology being used at, we found more negative points than positive. While the frontend is based on the modern Angular, the web server of Node.js is mainly used by online casinos and can be compared with a conventional calculator. Those web servers are absolutely not protected from external attacks and are not even intended for such purposes. We think that that is unlikely to survive much longer time in its current state and drastic improvements are required, sooner rather than later.

Customer service agents are clearly told to focus on using the helpdesk information with simple deposit and withdrawal related queries being their main responsibility. The support representatives did not provide us with any kind of ‘no deposit’ bonus either. We were told that their marketing team would be responsible for such matters and as such the customer service is not involved in the design of the bonus program.

Does the support team have a high tolerance level for repeated bonus requests?

The traits for being the Chosen One and the Chosen of an entity stack, should a leader be fortunate enough to be chosen by both. The following traits are only available to admirals belonging to a crisis or the unique factions fighting them. Expertise traits can be obtained from leveling up if the scientist was not recruited with one. The following traits can only be obtained by Governor class leaders.

We did not receive any web links, but the directions that they gave us were useful enough. In what is a classic casino bonus style, Admiral has set out to entertain all its stakers on their birthdays with a special €20 no deposit bonus awarded in bonus credits. If you’re someone who likes to party and celebrate your birthday in style, just remember to log in and claim the bonus before it disappears. The online social buzz is limited in as much as the only profile available is Trustpilot, there is no LCB and Askgamblers activity whatsoever. In fact, there is barely any activity on the Trustpilot profile with only two comments, one positive and one negative. Furthermore, this profile is actually linked to their old domain. and online social buzz are two things that just do not go together, at all. The only small piece of evidence is through their Trustpilot profile for their old domain, but even this was not claimed by the team. The profile had two reviews top 5 best candlestick patterns you should know and there were no responses left so there is little to say about this, other than they need to work on their social plans. They need to start interacting with their stakers and give them a platform with which to express their praises and concerns.

Following our contact with the customer support agents, the team reserve the right to approve all withdrawals within a 24-hour time period. After the approval has been given, both PayPal and Skrill withdrawals should be instantly credited and bank wires can take up to 2-10 working days. We have not yet found any stakers complaining about these withdrawal procedures and, however, in any worst-case scenario, stakers can always simply visit a local branch to request a withdrawal. Admiral offers up to 48 markets for their top tier football events.

Governor traits[edit

It was certainly not a polite form of communication from start to finish. The terms and conditions do not contain any information about their source of funds check or any other similar procedures. Hovering over a leader’s age will show the leader’s guaranteed lifespan and current chance to die each month.

A leader can gain a trait that’s the opposite of one they already have as long as its absence isn’t listed as a requirement – a Scientist with a Sapient AI Assistant can also gain a Custom AI Assistant, for example. Since leaders can’t start with negative traits and can only gain one trait from level-up, you’ll usually only see this happen for opposite traits where both are beneficial. Leaders are divided into 5 classes that determine their possible assignments, bonuses, experience sources, and available traits.

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Avaliações Sobre Mostbet Official

Mostbet Pl Archives

Ao receber dinheiro tais como presente, ou seja, juros sobre o depósito, o jogador deve recuperar estes fundos recebidos em até 72 horas. Ao receber rodadas grátis, o jogador tem 24 horas para apostá-las com an aposta x60. Ao mesmo tempo livre, o valor máximo de retirada é especialmente definido paran apostas em rodadas grátis.

  • Recomendamos o uso de criptomoeda de modo a retirada de fundos.
  • Por favor, forneça o seu documento de identificação.
  • Ao mesmo tempo, existem uma baixa velocidade de pagamento, baixa confiabilidade, velocidade lenta de processamento do solicitações e até problemas com a honestidade da empresa.
  • Bem, este que são determinados milhares de posições versus cinco ou sete na maioria dos estabelecimentos por jogo?
  • Recomendamos que você tente sacar fundos novamente ou escolha outro método para sacar dinheiro.
  • A exibição de máquinas caça-níqueis não foi diferente, para de que os jogadores permitam desfrutar do desenvolvimento confortavelmente.
  • Se tivermos alguma suspeita, realizamos uma verificação em relação ao jogador para confirmar que a conta está em analogia com as regras estabelecidas.
  • Então, em quais programas de bônus 1 jogador pode participar e sob quais condições consideraremos ainda mais adiante.

Então, por exemplo, recebi um bônus por reabastecer minha conta e agora giro constantemente os slots nan esperança por obter algum tipo de promoção. Lamentamos que você tenha enfrentado uma situação semelhante. De fato, a maioria de as suas conclusões foi rejeitada devido ao mau funcionamento do sistema de pagamento escolhido. Recomendamos o uso de criptomoeda com o objectivo de retirada de fundos.

Horivel And A 4 Meses Segundo A Jogar A

Na maioria das vezes, este software é representado por dois ou três fornecedores. Cada jogador pode conquistar um grande prêmio em dinheiro. O visitante mostbet é confiável pode baixar este aplicativo móvel a partir do link no site do cassino. Além disso, você pode utilizar as bibliotecas AppStore e GooglePlay.

  • Ao receber dinheiro enquanto presente, ou mesmo que, juros sobre este depósito, o jogador deve recuperar estes fundos recebidos em até 72 horas.
  • A organização do cassino similarmente identicamente conjuntamente tenta incentivar seus clientes com 1 reembolso bastante cortês todas as semanas, cujo tamanho têm a possibilidade de chegar a 10%.
  • A Mostbet foi registrada em 2009 em Chipre em sua própria plataforma de jogos.
  • Pretendo resgatar uma quantia de 2500€ de que ganhei e este levantamento aparece continuamente como recusado não dando uma solução para o exatamente.
  • Lamentamos de que esteja an enfrentar um problema semelhante.
  • É contra nossas diretrizes oferecer incentivos para que alguém deixe uma avaliação.
  • Depois de receber rodadas grátis, o usuário precisa apostá-las, caso contrário, elas se esgotarão.
  • Em 2022, ela criou seu sitio World Casino de modo a abrir os olhos dos jogadores para an indústria por jogos de mofina.

Oficialmente, o tempo de retirada é do até 48 horas. Mas os utilizadores observam que longos atrasos ocorrem usando frequência. Mas, em média, o tempo de sobra de transferência é de 30 a 40 minutos, dependendo do sistema por pagamento e do valor da transferência. É contra nossas diretrizes oferecer incentivos para que alguém deixe uma avaliação. Também garantimos qual todas as avaliações sejam publicadas nenhumas moderação. Minha conta foi bloqueada e não consigo trocar senha.

Versão Móvel E Aplicativo De Cassino Muito Mais Apostado

O cassino não é realmente o mais confiável, e há sérias lacunas e problemas utilizando o uso do portal. Para não ter grandes problemas, é recomendável utilizar apenas versões demo e não investir seu dinheiro pessoal no jogo. As avaliações reais destes clientes da maioria das apostas consentempossibilitam muito a desejar, pois raramente alguém dá mais do três estrelas.

  • Até lá irei percorrer toda an internet a realizar queixas e pedidos de ajuda an alguém que tenha poder sobre o tipo de esquemas.
  • A equipe que compõe a Base Monitoramento e Serviços tem mais de 25 anos de experiência na área do segurança privada.
  • A verificação da conta é especialmente todo um conjunto de ações diversas, cujo tempo é diferente e, assim sendo, o tempo especificado é definido.
  • Esta situação já se verifica há uma semana e sempre sem resposta, duzem todos os dias que está a ser analisada pelos especialistas e pelo Departamento financeiro.
  • Se este jogador quiser conseguir uma resposta o mais rápido possível, você deve preferir a primeira opção.
  • Este site possui mais de 300 cassinos ao vivo, entre os quais existem tudo o qual você precisa de modo a um jogo completo.
  • Ao mesmo tempo, o jogador nem precisa se registrar, pois uma versão demo foi fornecida para todos os slots.
  • É burla, roubo seja lá o que for, eu quero arrecadar o que me pertence e só aí poderei reformar a minha opinião…

Este cassino oferece aos jogadores an oportunidade de jogar gratuitamente em todas as máquinas caça-níqueis, exceto no cassino ao vivo. Ao precisamente tempo, o jogador nem precisa se registrar, pois uma versão demo foi fornecida para todos os slots. Este site possui ainda mais de 300 cassinos ao vivo, entre os quais existe tudo o qual você precisa com o objectivo de um jogo completo. Não há versão demo para esta categoria de caça-níqueis, portanto, apenas utilizadores registrados podem jogar. Além disso, existe uma sala VIP para jogadores, onde os jogadores podem vir a se reunir com o objectivo de jogar em apostas mais altas.

Quais Idiomas

No momento, sugerimos que você continue jogando e, em seguida, tente realizar um saque novamente. Joguei, e de repente an aplicação começou a trabalhar mal, saí do meu perfil e quando volto an entrar não tenho lá dinheiro nenhum.

Banca, Métodos De Entrada E Saída

Vamos dar uma olhada nas características do cassino. Lamentamos que você tenhan uma opinião ruim sobre nossa companhia. De acordo utilizando a cláusula 7. 9, a verificação da conta pode induzir até 60 dias, desta forma é possibilitado a ser qualquer número de dias, contudo não mais do que o especificado. A verificação da conta é um conjunto completo por ações diferentes, cujo tempo é diferente e, portanto, este tempo especificado é especialmente definido. Lamentamos de que você tenhan uma opinião ruim derivado do nós. O cassino possui uma variação móvel completa que se adapta bem an um smartphone ou tablet.


O presente do cassino será creditado automaticamente. Ao mesmo tempo, seu tamanho é calculado pela administração de modo a os jogadores individualmente, levando em consideração an atividade do jogador e este número de seus jogos. Depois do receber rodadas grátis, o usuário precisa apostá-las, caso contrário, elas se esgotarão. A Mostbet foi registrada em 2009 em Chipre em sua própria plataforma de jogos. Ao mesmo tempo, as coisas são muito melhores utilizando apostas esportivas. Foi tudo tão triste quanto as avaliações dos clientes mostram?

Minha Conta Foi Bloqueada E Não Consigo Trocar Sinal

Tento entrar mais por dia que minha senha ou usuário está errada. Não tenho o id da conta e não recebo SMS para trocar a senha. Tipo como s a plataforma não quisesse m soltar e m falarão para esperar meia hora pra recado chegar e nada de msm. Agora dia que as tentativas esgotaram e como que teimavive o dinheiro qual tenho lá presido d uma solução porfavor m ajudem.

Conteúdos Por Classe

Tente participar do “jogo do dia” e ganhe rodadas grátis por 1 certo número por rodadas em uma determinada máquina caça-níqueis. A organização do cassino similarmente identicamente conjuntamente tenta incentivar seus clientes com 1 reembolso bastante agradável todas as semanas, cujo tamanho é possibilitado a chegar a 10%. A princípio, parecia-me que não havia slots suficientes pelo site do cassino Mostbet. Bem, o que são quaisquer milhares de posições versus cinco ou sete na maioria dos estabelecimentos do jogo? Mas, enquanto se viu, minha opinião está completamente errada, porque previamente a tudo é importante considerar não a quantidade, mas a qualidade! E, an esse respeito, fiquei mais do de que satisfeito, porque entre todos os slots existem máquinas em muito interessantes e verdadeiramente doadoras.

Mostbet Official Avaliações

As contas correntes andam em todas as casas de apostas, sem exceção. Se a verificação não detectar inconsistências, a conta está sujeita a desbloqueio. Observe que não somos responsáveis por recursos de terceiros. Também fornecemos aos nossos jogadores espelhos de site constantemente atualizados (atualmente para países onde nosso domínio principal não abre). Cada jogador em potencial pode se familiarizar com as regras antes por se registrar e já com base nisso decidir este que construir uma estratégia de game. Ao se registrar em nossa casa de apostas, você concorda com essas regras, como resultado das quais você assume todos os riscos associados às suas violações.

Avaliações  832

Desde fevereiro por 2022 que tento retirar o o dinheiro e foi sempre recusado, ou sanções da Rússia, ou problemas temporarios,…. Mil e uma desculpa, pergunto qual o motivo para mais de 30 recusas dos 3 métodos disponíveis MasterCard maestro e as vezes Visa e até hoje continuo an espera de resposta. Janet Fredrickson trabalhou por 2 anos no Pin Up Casino antes de se tornar editora de gazeta em 2020. Ela começou a labutar como redatora esportiva e revisora profissional de cassinos online.

Mostbet é Especialmente Confiável?

Vergonhoso, existe 4 dias qual tenho a conta bloqueada e não consigo entrar e não me dão resposta. É burla, roubo seja lá o que for, eu quero receber o que me pertence e apenas aí poderei reformar a minha opinião… Até lá irei percorrer toda an internet a criar queixas e pedidos de ajuda an alguém que tenha poder sobre este tipo de esquemas. Já enviei varias mensagens solicitando an exclusão da minha conta e dados e niguem responde, quero uma resposta.

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