manufacturing plant closure checklist

Managing a project isn’t only about tasks and resources, budget and deadlines, it’s an experience you can constantly learn from. While you should have been learning throughout the project, now is a great time to look back without the pressure and distractions that might have dulled your focus. Not to mention, when you are ending one project, you’re likely planning another. Therefore, you want to get transition support for this changeover. You’ll have to release resources, archive documents and don’t forget to acknowledge the project success with a party or some type of celebration. Generate reports at your convenience anywhere you like and save a lot of time and paper.

The student checklist template allows you to collect data and make judgments about what students know and can accomplish in connection to the outcomes. It also provides methods for gathering data about certain behaviors, knowledge, and abilities systematically. The real estate closing checklist template covers all the actions that you must check and accomplish during the pre-listing, active listing, and closing stages of your real estate closing transaction. The moving checklist template provides you with a list of things you need, so that you can have a successful move. With this template, you can add or remove items from the list, depending on the kind of movement you want to have.

Insert line blinds to create manageable zones that can be slightly pressurized (0.5 psig+) using nitrogen or dry air. Include some small flow and arrange for some simple telltale mechanism to show pressure flow and the level of humidity . For the purposes of this article, let’s consider an item of equipment or a whole plant that might restart as early as six to nine months but could also be several years.

Double dump valve with gate – Motor driven, double gate valve for continuous removal of collected dust. Gates are sequenced so only on is open at a time in order to provide air seal. Rotary lock with hopper, rotary valve and drive – Motor driven multiple blade rotary valve provide air lock while continuously dumping collected material. Can be used with hoppers under either positive or negative pressure.

The CDC recommends common surfaces be first cleaned with soap and water, and then disinfected. Lear’s reopening playbook recommends commonly used tools and controls be disinfected three times per shift. As talk has increased over states opening up, state, interstate, and national plans for rolling back shutdowns have been made public. Additionally, many states such as those in the Midwest and on the West Coast are coordinating as part of larger regions to stop the spread of COVID-19 across borders.

  • Projects are never standalone things, but part of a continuum, where the specifics might vary, but the general methods usually remain the same.
  • Treat employees with dignity, fairness, and respect—the way you want to be treated.
  • When meetings are necessary, they should be held in open, well-ventilated spaces.
  • Containers of materials are labeled with respect to identity, lot identification and control status.
  • Employees should know how to wear, use, take care of, and put on or take off PPE safely.

Business travel should be limited as much as possible, but when it’s necessary, employees should follow certain measures to reduce the chance of infection. Before a trip, employees should monitor themselves for symptoms and check the CDC’s Traveler Health Notices page for updates. If it’s possible, however, travel should be postponed, or replaced with video conferencing. It’s important to check your own state government’s website and social media for the latest updates on your area specifically. If your business is in a large city, you should also check if there are any additional local guidelines or regulations to follow.

Supplying additional PPE such as masks, gloves, and face shields can also help, as well as discouraging handshakes. Workers should avoid using things that belong to others, and if they must, it should be disinfected before and after use. States in the Northeast are planning to roll back shutdowns by gradually broadening the definition of essential workers. They are forming a regional workgroup that will consist of a governor, a public health official, and an economic official from each state. Minnesota law requires all employers who must provide notice under WARN to notify DEED’s dislocated worker unit with the names, addresses and occupations of the employees whose jobs will be terminated.


Side view, top view and front view of scrap pot and dross hood. Front view shows slot in hood with lip fitting over drum. For greater fall, provide additional exhaust at lower belt (see #3).

Extra emergency showers and eyebaths should always be considered when the number of working personnel increases. These units are available on a rental basis with pressurized and temperature-regulated water supplies. The rental company can also be contracted to provide regular, documented inspection and testing. Request copies of such inspections for your own records. To protect all personnel from hazardous areas or to minimize access to such areas, and to limit “right to know” training for all temporary personnel.

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It involves fun and engaging interactions such as games, gift unwrapping, dining plans, and drink options. A checklist is a set of instructions that tells you what to do to finish a task. It is a detailed step-by-step set of instructions to complete a task. It explains the steps to follow when performing a specific task. To maintain consistency and discipline with your work, you need a checklist to keep you on track.

I’ve known businesses where the CEO or the division manager was visible when there was something good to say and hid in his or her office when layoffs were necessary. Such people ended up with zero respect in their organizations. A major exception was the 1983 shutdown of a unionized Corning plant that made glass for color televisions in Bluffton, Indiana, a small town near Fort Wayne. We had two U.S. plants that made the product, but because of a drop in demand we needed only one.

  • Employees who have had close contact with someone showing symptoms should get additional protection including PPE and additional safe work practices.
  • This final review phase is when you answer these questions and hopefully streamline your processes for the future.
  • Make a note of these details ahead of time, for all of the areas affected by the proposed shutdown.
  • Also, secure or barricade access points to ladders, scaffolds, or other areas people may be tempted to access.
  • For instance, when you have ten activities to carry out in a day, you list them out and gradually check them off as done.

The leadership did not play an active role in implementation. Neither employees nor customers manufacturing plant closure checklist were given adequate information. As a result, their attitudes were off-the-charts negative.

First, someone must be present to identify the malfunctioning equipment. A problem could go unnoticed for some time if it’s hidden away or not obvious. The issue could be urgent by the time someone finds it, leading maintenance managers to hastily reprioritize and communicate with their staffs to fix the issue. Rob is on a mission to improve the adoption of technology in construction.

Then, in late 2006, the housing market started to collapse. Since then we’ve lost almost 30% of our sales volume and have had to make radical cuts. All told, we’ve reduced the employee base from about 15,000 to 8,500 and the number of facilities from 80 to 57. Given the dismal state of the housing market, I can’t say that we’re finished.

What Is A Due Diligence Checklist?

When prioritizing, understand that there are no right or wrong answers—what matters is that you can determine the most urgent/important tasks and complete them first. In larger projects, a checklist makes it easy to coordinate task implementation. It also assists in monitoring the activities that you carry out while ensuring that they are done. A checklist is a simplified activity log that helps you mark tasks as done. It is a proper acknowledgment given to set tasks that have been completed.

Have pre-shutdown meetings with major contractors and get their scaffold requirements. (This saves time, too!) Keep a scaffolding crew available for daily inspections, modifications or additional needs. If all contractors are working on lifts or bringing their own scaffold, things can get crowded and dangerous. Watch for untagged or non-OSHA approved scaffolding and ensure contractors use scaffold and lifts safely. Shutdowns allow for the internal components of equipment to be inspected, which is impossible while it is running. The ultimate goal is to make repairs and maintain the equipment.

State Cooperative Plans

For one who had documented business processes manually, he was afraid that the processes documented online could be lost. But he soon realized that his files were safe and secure on SweetProcess. “There are all of the day-to-day operations that go along with that, but then we employ about seventy-five to a hundred individual trade partners in order to get these homes built. Each trade partner may have anywhere between one to forty employees,” he said. In writing a functional checklist, there is a required format. Open your Excel spreadsheet to start creating the checklist.

manufacturing plant closure checklist

We’ve included some sourcing tables with popular links to help you find PPE you may need, along with the number of suppliers for each product on Table 1 also includes some products recommended for use by OSHA and Lear to its employees. Your project management team is vital to a successful transfer of your manufacturing process.

Ultimately, plant shutdowns give operators the opportunity to fix and prevent issues before they arise and cause, unplanned shutdowns, costly outages or worker injuries. With proper preparation, and using these tips, you can save valuable time and expenses during your future shutdowns. This type of shutdown is carefully planned months in advance. The frequency of planned shutdowns depends on the nature of the manufacturing process and the utilization of the plant. Remember that planned shutdowns are an investment, not simply a cost. Plan and execute their shutdown, we find many approaches.

Isometric view of rotary stacking table showing grated surface. Side view showing plenum, slots in side-draft hood and point a. Top view showing hinged door, platform rotates for stacking and hydraulic pusher moves skid to conveyor when loaded.

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Summary of all material hardware utilized by the Target, including the physical location thereof. Summary of all material software utilized by the Target. Summary of the Target’s policies and practices regarding the purchase and maintenance of software.

manufacturing plant closure checklist

This template helps you with goal setting, introduction to company culture, and meeting other employees. The product launch checklist template is a list of tasks that must be done for a new product to be launched to customers. It assists you in considering the stages, procedures, and assets that you and your team must accomplish before launching any product. It guides you to ensure that every activity is in place and you don’t overstep your boundaries. The Dislocated Worker Program is funded by a special payroll assessment that is paid with unemployment insurance taxes. The templates available in our Public Library have been created by our customers and employees to help get you started using SafetyCulture’s solutions. The templates are intended to be used as hypothetical examples only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice.

Temporary Work Structures

The single best thing you can do for a successful plant shutdown is to give yourself enough time to plan the outage effectively. The standard recommendation is that you begin planning four months before the scheduled outage. Check out Chemical Engineering Magazine’s plant turnaround checklist for extra assurance that you aren’t missing any crucial considerations during the planning stage. Now we know that proper project closure will help you start your next project on the right foot. If you plan and manage your projects in a centralized project management software—like ProjectManager—you’ll have access to all of your previous projects.

Types Of Plant Shutdowns

You may need to secure permits and insurance if you plan to carry out a major renovation, so make sure to apply for these well in advance. An extended shutdown will inevitably require the refueling of mobile equipment owned or rented, and operated by contractors working in the plant. If each is responsible for the refueling of their own equipment, the plant will be deluged with a variety of fuel suppliers trying to gain access to the plant many times during the week.

Details of any current and planned IT initiatives/key projects. Schedule of employees covered by any disability legislation applicable in the jurisdiction in which the Target operates. Schedule of all employees absent from work due to disability, long-term illness, or otherwise. Description of any court judgement or current employment tribunal award in respect of any employee dispute. List and detailed summary of all pension pension plans. To the extent not already provided, copies of all agreements relating to any compensation arrangements between the Target and any third party.