The guy loves mushrooms and always holds him or her from the slip

And what about the new notorious polygamy? Considering Balal, it is anything of history. The key reason to own polygamy in his homeland try the war. Males have been dying, and there were many more women in the country. Another reason when deciding to take another wife is actually childlessness. However, even yet in this situation, the consent of your basic lover required. Overall, predicated on Belal, students would be produced only within the a legal relationships, rather than someplace unofficially. Otherwise, simple tips to know whose he’s?

About students

Belal and Xenia has actually around three youngsters: several ded Suleiman, in honor of their parent. Belal said as to the reasons it is so essential an effective Muslim so you can possess sons.

To start with, the newest boy ‘s the bearer of one’s universal title, which he often bequeath so you’re able to his children. Secondly, he or she is the newest guardian off his siblings up to it marry. Plus he then can and is actually obliged in order to intervene in the event that, state, a sis complains on the the woman partner.

Are you aware that way forward for their children with regards to relationships, Belal states that son is free to help you marry a woman of any faith in which there are prophets: such as, a beneficial Christian or a beneficial Jew. With daughters, it’s different: they’re going to end up being Muslim wives therefore the family unit members doesn’t remove the brand new Islamic believe. In this instance, religion cannot provide concessions.

Throughout his bachelor’s go out, Belal cooked to own themselves, and you will primarily Arabic delicacies. Within his homeland, men do not cook (kitchen is known as a solely female fling). Mommy, with learned that the girl man was going to data, thought to Belal: “Next wake-up on the stove!” And you may trained him tips cook.

Now your family is trying for eating eating prepared in keeping that have Muslim standards (halal). First, they concerns beef. Belal expenditures it regarding Karelian Muslims exactly who continue cows. Nevertheless prefers national meals, such as for example pilaf, couscous, fish in Arabic (ready on the oven and indeed water).

Regarding Russian cooking, Belal likes salads, specifically Olivier (as it happens which they don’t know just what mayonnaise is in his homeland), herring around a good fur coat, salted red seafood, borscht. Black cash is actually ate on condition that “in case it is impossible to not ever eat they – for example, having sprats,” thereby he acquisitions pita cash.


Belal has an interest from inside the everything you regarding area: he’s assessed the function and you will preferred research clips as the 1960s and study a hill out of guides. They are as well as seeking biology. Out-of energetic circumstances enjoys ” mushroom hunting”and angling, he complements their dad-in-law.

The things i failed to deal with

Obviously, there was everything. Particularly, Belal dont know the way members of Russia normally ditch their children or perhaps disrespectful into older. They are in addition to gloomy by the not enough rigor in the upbringing out-of teens, whenever a lot of them begin drinking and puffing if you’re nevertheless from the school: “After all, here is the future of the nation, the nation.” He cannot like the resentful indication of nationalism, harsh statements against other’s.

The worst thing that can take place in every day life is war. There aren’t any winners and you may losers in any conflict, because nevertheless, both parties eradicate many rewarding procedure – individual lives.

On Russians

It seems so you’re able to Balal one within benevolence and you may transparency, Russians try nearer to brand new East rather than south-west. Thus, inside the Germany, where the guy existed at a time, acquaintances, conference in the street, normally pretend that they’re not familiar and not also say hello. Typically, some body discover remaining most closed.