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    Lamar Car Rental
    Lamar Car Rental
    Lamar Car Rental
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    First, Contact Lamar Car Rental via Text or Contact us below for reservation inquiries. We’re a small family owned company and rental needs are at an all time high.

    Phone: 903 491 8323


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    Second, provide your Drivers License & Full Coverage Insurance. We believe in building long- term relationships. In order to make we are a good fit for your, we approve each renter individually.


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    Lastly, after getting approved you will pay for your needed days and pick-up your vehicle.


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    About Us

    Lamar County Car and Truck Rental LLC , is a family owned business, established to create a memorable drive experience. We bring to you a wide range of fuel efficient economy vehicles, all of which, are well maintained and frequently sanitized/cleaned to ensure all safety measures. We believe in sustaining and supporting our community with providing the best affordable prices to accommodate the needs of your other expenses. Your experience is top priority for us , and understand that communication is keen to a successful business.

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    Baymont by Wyndham 3560 NE Loop 286 Paris, Tx 75460

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    (Lamar Car Rental)

    Upon completing your reservation, you will receive an email confirmation providing the next steps. For further consideration, the renter would be required to respond with a Valid Drivers License and proof of Full Coverage Insurance. After submitting this information, please allow 45 mins – 1 hr to receive status of approval via text and email. Approved or  Denied.

    *Note: If you do not have Full Coverage Insurance, we do offer temporary insurance coverage insurance for our renters at a small daily rate. Not having Full Coverage Insurance will not affect our approval decision.

    • Report any accidents, theft, or damages to the authorities immediately, then contact us as soon as possible!
    • A police report at the time of the incident is required in order for any damage claim to be covered by CDW.
    • Contact us during normal business hours 7:30am – 5:30pm to report any roadside assistance issues. For any issues that were taken care of by the renter after hours, please keep all receipts (with proof of maintenance to vehicle owned ) and contact us as soon as possible to receive compensation.
    • *Registration, roadside, and insurance information are located in the glove compartment of the rental vehicle.
    • *Smoking is absolutely prohibited in ALL vehicles, and will result in a $300 surcharge fine with the loss of rental privileges.
    • *Mileage is limited on most contracts (Please see rental agreement for details). For any additional questions concerning mileage, be sure to ask the rental agent for details.
    • *All drivers must be age 25 and older and present a valid driver’s license. This is also required for any additional drivers. Note: ( NO UNAUTHORIZED DRIVERS operating any Sliide vehicles, or this will result in a fine.)
    • Any tampering or removal of any electrical or physical attachments on vehicles will be fined and reported instantly. A fine of up to $250 will be charged.

    • Extensions. All payments for extensions are due before 12pm (noon) of due date, or late fees will be applied to payment.
    • NO Smoking.  Any smoke stench, residue, or ashes are prohibited in all vehicles. This will result in a fine of $150-$200, that may be surcharged or collected from initial deposit.
    • NO Pets. Any pet stench, urine/bowel, hair. and/or hair are prohibited in all vehicles. This will result in a fine of $150-$200, that may be surcharged or collected from initial deposit. 
    • Cleaning. Return vehicle in the same cleanliness condition received, or cleaning fees of up to $150 will be applied.
    • Updated Photos are required while renting, to ensure the vehicle is in the same condition as received. These photos are also used to ensure that there are no newly discovered damages to the vehicles.
    • NO Gas Shortage. The vehicle must be returned with the same gas level as received upon pick-up. If the gas does not reflect the same amount, this will subject to a $75 fine that will be applied.

    *Note: Before and After photos on file will be examined for all fees.

    Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of the booking date (not your reservation date) to receive a full refund.

    Automatic Cancellation

    Automatic cancellations will occur if all documents have not been received anytime after a 2 hour timeframe of your reservation.  Automatic cancellation will also occur if:

    • required payment not submitted at least 2 hours before reserved booking is scheduled to begin. These actions will result in no deposit refund returned.
    • no payment received for booking no later than 12:00pm (noon).
    • contractual rental agreement broken.
    • renter going against any policies.
    • more than one late payment fee waived.
    • profound language and/or irate behavior is displayed with any of our employees.

    *Note: Our agent is allowed to automatically cancel rental agreement contract at any time if they see fit, due to policies and rental status.

    Our required upfront rental deposit ranges from $150 to $200, depending on the vehicle rented and your drivers history. Deposits are fully refundable once the vehicle is inspected upon return. When refunded deposits, please allow 2-10 business days to reflect on your account. All fines and/or fees incurred during trip may be taken from your initial deposit. 

    Our prides on long term renting available to all customers. When booking, keep in mind that we do require a 3 day minimum. Any insured/contracted renter will have the option of renting for up to 30 days, and extended monthly if approved.

    *Note:  Allowed to cancel rental agreement contract at any time if they see fit, due to policies and rental status.

    Lamar Car Rental Insurance 

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